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Mobee Gambia

In September 2013, Alternative Futures Group developed a two-year partnership with Mobee Gambia, a registered Charity to promote and develop awareness and understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing across local Communities in Gambia.

Our partnership working with Mobee, has presented great opportunities for Alternative Futures Group to offer very different learning experiences for our employees, which in many cases has been life changing on both a personal and professional level. We have supported staff from a range of roles across the organisation to participate and represent the organisation as an AFG Ambassador on the Study Tours to Gambia.

Alternative Futures Group working in Partnership with Mobee Gambia

During the past two-years we have experienced the journey and embraced the shared learning and development with Mobee who are now fully established in Gambia and have become recognised as the only organisation of its kind ( outside of government authorities) who have committed dedicated resources to champion and raise awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing across local communities.

Mobee Team

Salifu Manneh is the Director of Mobee Gambia and is delighted to be part of an organisation that raises awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing whilst also providing employment opportunities for local people. Salifu says “Having a purpose and meaningful activity in your life is really important to maintain the health and wellbeing of individuals!”

About Our Gambia Mental Health program

What does Mobee do?

We offer practical, social and emotional support in people’s homes, in the drop in facility located at mobee offices and we offer human resource support to patients and staff at Tanka Tanka Psychiatric hospital the only mental health hospital in the country. 

We are in the process of negotiating land with the sukuta community so that we can construct and run the west coast community wellbeing centre whose roles and functions will be to offer the mentally ill a place to go to during and after a period of crisis. To offer the mentally ill and their carers a regular and consistent home based care and support through a well-coordinated and resourceful community mental health service.

Our aims

To offer and coordinate from the Centre a follow up support service for patients who are discharged from Tanka Tanka and live in the West coast region and its surroundings.

The mentally ill who are homeless can come to the centre and seek support around housing and reunion with their family members. Their physical and mental states will be assessed and appropriate support will be sought if needed.

Purpose built drop-in treatment centre

There will be a drop-in facility and as the name implies people can come in and out of the facility as they wish The Centre will be open 24 hours a day and will have 6 acute admission beds for crisis admissions only and the maximum length of stay will be 10 days.  

The 24-hour service will be reinforced by a responsive community service that engages with the mentally ill and their families during and after a crisis. 

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