About Mobee Mental Health project

Mental Health in The Gambia

The Gambia has a population of about 2 million people. The prevalence of mental illness in the adult population aged 15 and over was estimated to be about 7.5 percent of the population. Depression and mood disorders account for 6%. Anxiety related disorders account for 5.2%. Overall, 1 out of every 5 persons aged 15 and over has a mental health related problem which can be described as a serious mental illness, depression or anxiety disorder. Drug and alcohol misuse particularly amongst the youth is higher in the Kanifing Municipality and Kombo North District.. 6-8 persons out of every 100 adults in the two municipalities has drug and alcohol related mental health problems, Olufemi 1994-1996 report on mental illness in the Gambia).

Mobee Background

The Gambia health system data shows that Mental health care supply in the Gambia is relatively weak and experiencing difficulties in a wide range of ways and pose significant challenges for people passionate about promoting mental health and mental well being in the Gambia. 

The Mobee Mission

Mobee aims to engage with the local community, have a better understanding of what mental health pressing issues are present and together with the local community develop ways and means of utilising local resources to meet the mental health needs of the local community. Education and awareness through mental health promotion are key drivers. Having access to a small community mental health service that visits people in their own homes and promotes a move away from institutional to community based care are fundamental ways of service provision that Mobee would like to engage in with full community participation.